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Changes, a re-imagining of Vitals tracks + brand new original song 'Changes'

  1. Changes
  2. Used To (mellowmatics Remix)
  3. Stratosphere (Darren King Remix)
  4. Composed (Hasta Remix)
  5. Remain (RMC Remix)
  6. Monument (Disero Remix)
  7. Light Up (yacht club. Remix)
  8. All I See (Gummerman Remix)
  9. Vitals (Alt. Mix feat. Flint Eastwood)
  10. Safe If We Don't Look Down (Imagined Herbal Flows Remix)
  11. Joy Rides (Alt. Mix)
  12. Best of Intentions (JT Daly Remix)
  13. Monument (Kasbo Remix)
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